The Phone Call – Converting More Leads In Your Home Business

David Kern-Lyons & MJ Durkin

I wanted to share with you about converting more of your leads into paying customers. I have a specific mathematical formula for this process for a successful conversion system.

Lead Conversion = Auto Responder Content Delivery + Personal Phone Contact

The first action of course in the beginning of the process is traffic generation and lead capture. For this article we will not get into detail with these two operations of the process but you can click here to get up to speed on those to operations within the customer conversion system I use for my business.

The main rule you need to write down and remember with converting leads to customers is relationship building. Your whole system must be based with the goal to build a relationship with the customer lead. I have two reason for this rule. The first reason is, the customer isn’t going to purchase anything from you unless the customer likes you and trusts you to help them accomplish the goals they have in their life. The second reason is, to show yourself to the customer as a leader and expert they need and want to have in their life. If this is for a product or for getting into your business.

So, with this being said lets get down to converting your leads to customers who purchase over and over again from your business. We must build a ongoing relationship bond with the customer lead. Their are many ways to do this but for the purpose of online business conversions their are three main formats I use.

Auto Responders: Using an auto responder service like Aweber is a must for initial contact with your lead and developing the relationship between you and your customer leads. A successful auto responder system is going to incorporate two things. It is going to include Video to deliver content to the customer lead and additional landing pages to direct the customer lead into your sales funnel.

Through using video and additional landing pages you are also going to develop a deeper relationship with those customer leads who engage with your content you are delivering to them through the auto responder system. The auto responder system will convert leads into paying customers but the next part of the formula is the key to skyrocketing your conversion rate 3 to 4 times more and developing repeat long term customers for your business.

Here is the key. Calling your “Hot Leads” on the phone will deliver a profitable on-line business I guarantee it. Let me start with defining a few terms. Cold Calling and Warm Market Calling. A Warm Market Call is a call to someone you are very familiar with. Someone you would invite into your home for a weekend. A Cold Market call is someone you don’t know and they don’t know you. They have know idea of what business you are in or what product(s) your business markets.

With those two definitions in place lets take about “Hot Market Calling.” A “Hot Lead or Hot Market Call” is a call to someone who knows who you are, what business you have and the products you market. They have watched your videos on You Tube and read your blog posts on your Nerve Center. They have liked your fan page on Facebook and read your posts and skimmed through your twitter tweets. Calling this type of customer lead who willing opted into your site or landing page is NOT A COLD CALL. It is not even close to the definition of a COLD CALL.

In fact it is even better then a WARM MARKET CALL. Why is it better then a warm market call? Because this customer lead willing is coming to you to seek your recommendation on what they should do to meet their goals or need in life. This HOT MARKET CALL knows more about you then you know about them. In fact they know everything about you and who you are. This is very important in the conversion of the Lead to a paying customer.

The more information the customer has about you, who you are and how you can help them. The more likely you are to convert the customer lead to a paying customer with a simple quality phone call. The phone call does two things the Auto Responder can’t do for you and your business.

First, the customer lead can hear your voice to be the same voice they have already heard on your videos and your online social sites. Second, they see you are interested in helping them personally accomplish their goals and needs. When you give them a call they are already comfortable with you and your business.

Having a quality conversation with your Hot Lead Customer will bring 80% or more of your Hot Leads to ask you for your recommendation on what they should do next. When you recommend to them what they should do the Customer lead will move forward and purchase what you recommend them to purchase.

Making Hot Market Calls is the equivalent to someone being recommended to you and your business. Simply picking up the phone is the key to skyrocketing your lead conversion rate. To learn more about how to make HOT MARKET CALLS to your leads. CLICK HERE.

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