Prospecting for MLM Leads in your Business

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Many would think that prospecting for sales is the same as prospecting for leads. It is not. In fact, prospecting for sales can’t be accomplished if you don’t have the lead to contact. This may seem a bit on the backwards side of things but it really is the most important part of prospecting. It is prospecting for leads or adding people to your list to contact.

How many people reading this post right now has a goal to add 3 or 5 people to your prospecting list each day? Most traditional sales people will wake up in the morning and say “today I am going to get three sales.” That is good but how many would wake up and say “I am going to add 5 people to my list today to contact about my MLM business?” Adding people to your list each day is more important then getting the sale.

One of the biggest reasons why people fail in MLM or network Marketing Businesses is because they don’t have anyone to speak with or they don’t know how to get in front of someone they don’t know. Social media allows us the opportunity to gather very qualified leads that we can add to our list each day and follow up with.

These are qualified leads that have “Opted In” to what we call a capture page or sales funnel. They have been attracted to our business or product(s) from the consistent relevant content that we have been putting out on social media platforms for our target market to find in their internet searches.

I use what is called an E-Subscription Form that I design through Talk Fusion for the “Opt In” to get additional free information. The E-Form is a part of the Video Auto Responder that I use to deliver the content to the prospect lead. Once I have the prospect Opt in they can be added to my list for me to follow up with.

The big difference between this MLM lead and an MLM lead that you would purchase is this. The opt in lead has been attracted to your nerve center and is seeking you out not you seeking them out. So not only am I adding new names to my list each day. They are people who are wanting what I have to meet a need in their life.

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3 Responses to “Prospecting for MLM Leads in your Business”

  1. Michael Keyes Says:

    Your right, to play the numbers to become successful in this business adding numbers to your prospecting list every day is very important, as long as you are calling them once they are added. Great post!



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