How to Improve Sales in Network Marketing

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Prospecting, cold calling, making a list of people to contact. Those 3 phrases strike fear into most people that get into network marketing and MLM’s. In fact most people will use that fear as an excuse to not get involved in a business that could literally change the financial outcome of their situation and give them the very freedom they have a need for.

First off, their is nothing wrong with being afraid to do something but their is everything wrong with someone that will not try to learn a new skill which will accomplish a goal. If you look at prospecting, picking up the phone and calling someone you don’t know and making lists of people you connect with as learning 3 new skills. You viewpoint and acceptance of developing those skills will change.

It took me a long time before I realized that developing new skills was actually a fun pastime. In fact, I make it a point to learn a new skill or experience a new skill every day. For example: Today Kent Smith, shared with me about some new Social Media Strategies which can fine tune my target market and explode my business even more. I already new how to develop a target market but these skills will develop my skill with target markets even more.

MJ Durkin, taught me the skills of how to talk with people I did not know and add them to my list. He shared with me that “the people on my list is the inventory of my business. A business without inventory is a business that will be closing the doors.” He also helped me develop the skills to interview people and to “take on the posture of an interviewer in my business.”

All these skills helped me to develop the dials program which exploded my business. Was duplicatable for those on my team which exploded their businesses. Here is the main thing that I learned about developing new skills. When you learn a new skill and practice that skill everyday it becomes second nature and a natural thing to do. When a skill becomes natural you can then share that skill and teach it to someone else. If I had allowed my fear of learning a new skill to keep me from meeting new people, adding them to my list. Calling them on the phone and interviewing others for an open position I have in my business. I would still be or maybe would be in a worse position financially. I wouldn’t have the freedom I have now to travel with my whole family and meet some really special people I now call friends.

Take the time today to learn the skills of prospecting, cold calling and adding people to your list. Then practice the skills everyday. Be consistent with them and you will see as I did a new freedom and life unfold right before your eyes.

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