3-Rules To Build a Large Prospecting List with Social Media

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Prospecting in your home based business is all about adding people to your list. Building a customer lead list is the most important day to day action you can complete for building and growing your home based business. The most effective way to build your list in today’s social media world is through collecting names, phone numbers and email addresses of your target market.

I want to go over just a few rules you will want to remember when it comes to collecting names on social media platforms like Twitter, You Tube, Facebook and Google plus. The first rule is if you are going to use social media platforms you must have a means to collect the traffic’s name, email and phone number.

This is very important. If you can not convert your traffic into leads with collecting the information to go onto your prospecting list. You are basically wasting your time and you will not be growing your business to make the income your desire to reach your goals and dreams. The best way to collect this information is through the use of an e-subscription form which most email services like AWeber and Get Response have available to their subscribers.

The second rule is you must have a landing page for your target market who are coming to your social media pages will have to opt into to gain the information you are giving to them. The landing page is the most important part of collecting the traffics information and converting them into a lead to go onto your prospecting list.

Landing pages have some basic characteristics. First they give away information (content) your target market is looking for. This can be done in text form, video form or a combination of both. The landing page will also give the traffic direction on what to do next to get additional information. This is were you place your e-subscription form to collect the name, email and phone number of your new prospecting lead.

Once the prospect ops into your e-subscription form they automatically will be placed on your customer auto responder list and the auto responder will automatically send to the prospect the information desired. You can also set-up your landing so once they opt in they are immediately taken to a “Sales Page within your sales funnel” to convert the lead into a paying customer. Either option works but the combination of both is the most effective in converting the lead into a paying customer. Which leads into rule number three.

The third rule is you must have an auto responder system ready to: 1) continue constant communication with your prospects on your list and 2) to continue to promote additional products and services to your customer list through additional sales pages within your sales funnel. Here is a short training video on using landing pages within your sales funnel.

“I have found the use of video to be very powerful with rule number three. We must remember your prospects are not going to buy your products, service or get involved in your business unless they like and trust you to be a leader to them. This is a set in stone fact.” Using video with your auto responder system to build and develop the relationship with your prospects is very powerful and much more effective then just a text message. The more video you can implement the better it will be for you and the conversion of leads to paying customers.

Using video is also going to set you apart from others. It is going to place you as an expert to your niche market.  Your prospects and paying customers will see you as their leader to help them meet their needs. You will have customers coming to you instead of you beating the bushes to find them.  Stick with these simple three rules as a base for building your prospecting list on-line and you will see some great results.

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  1. Brian and Felicia White Says:

    Extremely informative and well written post David! Thank you for sharing the value!



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