Lead Conversions Rates With Online Home Based Businesses

David Kern-Lyons & MJ Durkin

I had a great weekend teaching people about increasing their home based business lead conversion rate.  I introduced a simple flow chart which helped people to understand the flow of the sales funnel process in their Home Business.  Every online marketing plan starts out with generating traffic so lets start there.

Traffic can be generated in a number of different ways from Banner ad placement, Blog posts, and through Social Media Contacts like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Google Plus just to name the major Social Media Platforms.  The main rule with traffic generation is to allows keep pointing the prospect in the direction they need to go next.  The Banner ad will catch a prospects eye and they will click on the banner.  The Blog post will raise awareness of a subject topic of interest and point the prospect in the direction they need to go in to get additional information on the topic. Conversations in Social Media Circles will recommend your followers, friends and subscribers to click this link.

All of this generates traffic to your landing pages.  The landing pages are designed to give the prospect the information promised and once again direct them to the next step in the process which is to Opt-In for additional information.  When the prospect Ops-In they become a lead in your Sales Funnel.  They are automatically placed into your Auto Responder System which is designed to develop the relationship with your new lead.  This is the point were you as the business owner has the choice to engage with your leads or not.  It is also the point were you can greatly increase your lead conversion rate from leads to paying customers.

When a prospect Opt-In on your landing page and puts a phone number in the contact information the customer is giving you permission to contact them.  If they did not want to be contacted they will not put in their phone number.  They will leave the information blank.  This is very important to understand as a business owner.  The Opt-In with the option to place their phone number is a sorting process in the seriousness of your leads desire to learn more and become a customer of your business.


When a lead places the phone number in the Opt-In box you now have the control in how to move the lead to become a customer.  The Lead wants to be lead to the next step.  They want you to call them so they can hear a real person on the other end of the phone.  They want to have a relationship with you and your business.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call your leads when they give you the information to do so.  When you pick up the phone and call your leads when they supply their phone number your conversion rate from leads to paying customers will at least double if not triple in number.

You must also understand this fact.  These prospect leads are not  “Cold Market Leads”  They are “HOT MARKET LEADS.”  These leads are laser targeted from the very beginning of the traffic generation step.  They already know who you are and what you do.  They already like you otherwise they would not have placed their information in the Opt-In Box.  They WANT YOU TO CALL THEM so they can hear your voice.  The same voice they have heard on your video.  They know what you look like before you know anything about them.

When I call my leads it is like speaking to a friend.  They are already familiar with me and they already know why I am calling them.  It is a very controlled and powerful position.  With a good and short quality conversation over 75% of your lead contacts you make on the phone are going to follow your recommendation you give to them.

To learn more about talking to your leads on the phone connect with my Facebook Fan page below.

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