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How can you utilize the power of social media platforms like Facebook and You Tube to equal great business success with your social media marketing strategy? I can give you 7 reason why Facebook and You Tube should be a major part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

1) Reach: With Facebook and You Tube combined reaching close to 400 million members the phrase “Fish where the fish are” really comes into play here. It is really true that customers are on Facebook and You Tube. With 12.68 billion people using both to look for information (over conversation and friendship) to meet a need in their life.
2) A Clear Purpose: Both Facebook and You Tube enable your business to brand and interact with your fans via wall posts, discussions, video, photos etc. without a lot of corporate content getting in the way.
3) Analytics: Facebook provides substantial data on the demographics of your fans and subscribers. You have at your finger-tips the heartbeat of your fan base.
4) Easy to use: Facebook pages can be established and maintained by anyone. No PhD required.
5) Promotion: This is biggest with Facebook. When consumers become fans of your business, that fact is shared with their friends via the real time update component of Facebook. It is literally like an instant news flash that could go out to tens of thousands in a matter of seconds. This is probably the biggest promotional lunching board for your nerve center, Blog posts and event announcements.
6) Real time customers: Facebook customers are real people that have to be verified. It is not like Twitter and Myspace where people can hide behind anonymous user names. A fan on Facebook is a customer that has been attracted to your business, products or services.
7) Cost: It is FREE. What more needs to be said!

When you have a Nerve Center and can use the platforms of Facebook and You Tube to promote and create exposure to your business, products or service you offer to meet needs in customers lives. Customers are going to come, check you out and connect with you. They are going to like you, trust you and become a loyal customer that is going to spread your product is a viral way to all of their friends and the friends of their friends.

Should Facebook and You Tube be a major part of your Social Media Marketing Success? If you are not using Facebook and You Tube in your Social Media Marketing Strategy you are missing out on the success your nerve center and business could be experiencing. Don’t miss the boat! I just shared with you where all the schools of fish are for your nerve center business.

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